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Make An Informed Decision


  • Deciding how to sell your property can often be the most difficult part:  Typically people who care the most about the price will decide to list their property with a real estate broker and that allows for maximum exposure to the real estate market, along with having a real estate professional doing the work to get their property sold.  This is a great route to go if your only goal is getting the highest price for your property and your property is in excellent to perfect condition.  However, the downsides of selling through the traditional route are the formal inspections, open houses, financing contingencies, insurability of the property if there are larger repairs needed, potential commissions, high dollar credits negotiated for repairs, fees and closing costs associated with selling to a retail buyer, and in many cases you end up walking away with the same amount or less after repairs and 4-6 months later with a ton of headaches…


  • Everyone has different reasons, circumstances, situations, needs and wants when deciding to sell their property, and there are a lot of people who need to sell faster than the average time that it usually takes to close on the sale of a property the traditional way.  That’s where it gets a little more complicated and ultimately makes the decision to sell more difficult and stressful.  In the case where someone is more concerned with selling their property fast going the traditional route may prove to be counterproductive, as most conventional buyers are either contingent on selling their house before they can get a loan to close on yours or they are dependent upon some form of financing to be able to close on your property.  *Selling fast is not the same as closing fast… The best decision if you have to sell fast is to sell privately to an investment company like us or a cash purchaser as they are not only able to close much faster because they have cash, there aren’t any further inspections or financing contingencies, meaning a guaranteed closing *outside of any unforeseen unresolvable potential title issues, and it’s in our best interest to close fast to keep our capital circulating.


  • Finally, open communication and transparency is crucial, both with yourself, your family and whomever your prospective buyers may be. Whatever your situation is decisiveness and thoughtful action is key to getting your situation resolved or moving on to the next exciting chapter.

If you fall into the category of having or wanting to sell your property fast then call us today to get started immediately (716)243-3430 or 716-803-8178 or fill out the form on the sell your house fast page and we will call you back promptly.   We look forward to your call!